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From the desk of: Brian Diez

Dear Credit Sufferer,

If your credit score is keeping you from home, auto, or business loan approval…

Or if your damaged credit report is making it impossible to land a high paying job, then I can help.

Hi. My name is Brian Diez, and I’m the CEO of howtofixmycredit.com

I know that you probably enjoy discussions about finances and credit reports about as much as you enjoy a visit to the dentist…

But if you can spare 2 minutes, I can show you how to improve your credit scores… Fast!

Without Any Risk To You Whatsoever!

I can help you get approved for financing, save money, and never be embarrassed about your credit score again.

You see… over the years I’ve worked with thousands of people including blue collar workers, NBA players, lawyers, nurses, and even TV Celebrities.

Some of my clients just needed to remove a few negative items from their credit report…

Others needed someone to pull their ‘virtually dead’ credit score up from the ashes.

But they all had one common need…

Credit Errors Deleted Within 90 Days

But because of previous life changes, and perhaps a few poor decisions, they were blocked from moving on with their lives.

In fact, some of my clients were getting to the point where their personal life was heavily affected by their poor credit scores.

It’s sad to see husbands and wives fighting like cats and dogs because they couldn’t get a home loan or land a high paying job.

That is why I developed the Credit Audit System, my proprietary process for quickly and legally erasing credit errors and building credit scores.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for most of my clients fixing their credit score in two years, or even in twelve months, was just not a viable option.

Most Credit Repair Companies Are Too Slow.

The reason they’re slow is they focus on mailing disputes to the credit bureaus.

This means they can’t dispute more than a few items at a time or they’ll risk their disputes being “red flagged”.

My process bypasses the CRA’s and focuses on investigating the creditor.

Anything that appears on your credit report must be verifiable by the creditor who put it there.

It’s been my experience that in 7 out of 10 cases the creditor can’t verify the negative items they report.

My team will investigate your credit file and determine whether or not your creditors can verify their remarks.

Any creditor which can't verify the accuracy of their remarks will be forced to remove them.

Since we're not dependent on the credit bureaus to do your investigations…

You Get Results in 1/3 The Time

And that's not all.

While your credit for errors are being deleted, we’re also going to coach you on how to optimize your scores.

Look, your payment history is only 35% of your score. We can show you our insider strategies for optimizing the other 65%.

We Have Custom Programs To Meet Your Specific Needs

Whether you're a no-nonsense professional with no time to spare who just wants results and is willing to invest...

Or you're on a tight budget but determined to get your credit cleaned up to improve your quality of life...

Whatever your situation... we got you.

But you have to take the first step.

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Let us show you what's possible.

You have nothing to lose but your bad credit scores.

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