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Fix Your Credit in Nassau County, NY Fast

Dear Frien,

If you have bad credit and need credit repair to help you get a loan...

Or if your damaged credit report is making it hard to get a job or inexpensive insurance, you've found the right place.

My name is Mr. Diez, and I’m the owner of New York's premier credit repair agency, howtofixmycredit.com

I get it, talking credit repair probably isn't your favorite topic…

But if you've got a few minutes, I can show you how I help people with credit repair right here in NY... fast!

Without Any Risk To You Whatsoever in Nassau County, NY!

We're experts at helping you get approved for financing, often saving you money, and helping you achieve a credit score to be proud of.

You see… this is all based on my past experience helping regular folk like many hard working Americans, or even celebrities, TV stars and even professional athletes.

Regardless of where they are, they all needed a little help with their credit score. Some just needed a few negative items removed from their credit report...

While others needed a complete overhaul!

But they all had one thing in common…

Credit Errors Deleted Within 90 Days in Nassau New York

Because of just a few mixups, or perhaps bad timing or choices, they were almost blocked from moving ahead because of their credit score.

In some cases it was so bad that even their personal lives were being affected, their relationship with their spouse and what they could afford to do with their kids, all because of this.

It's truly heartbreaking to see good lives ruined simply because of arguing over money and finances, or because they couldn't get the loan or job, due to bad credit.


That's why I created the Credit Audit System, my very own system to quickly (& legally) erase credit errors, while building your score back up at the same time.

I mean, why take years to fix something when it can be done in much less time?

Most Credit Repair Companies in Nassau County, NY Are Too Slow.

Commonly, credit repair is so slow because they focus on mailing disputes to the credit bureaus, which is time consuming.

When you do this, you can't dispute more than one or two things at a time for risk of being red-flagged.

We can help fix your credit score by avoiding the credit bureau's all together and focusing on the original creditor.

After all, anything on your report MUST be verifiable by the person who put it there.

We've found that around 70% of the time, they can't verify it, which means it should be removed.

My staff not only investigates your file in detail, but also finds out if your items can be verified.

Anyone who can't, will be forced to remove it.

We basically take over the investigation from the Credit bureaus, which is how we do so well.

We Deliver Results in 1/3 The Time in Nassau County, NY

Want to know how to stay on top of your credit?

We also coach you how to improve your scores on your own, while we're fighting the creditors for you.

See, your history is about 1/3rd of your score. My staff will be working on the rest.

But here's where we are REALLY different...

We Don’t Charge Monthly Fees…

YES, you read that right "we don't charge a monthly fee".

We ONLY charge you AFTER we successfully remove a negative item.

So we don't drag our feet year after year, we want this done quickly, just like you.

Our incentive is to do a job well done, getting you results.


Just Say Maybe...

Want to learn more?

Click the button below and my staff will be in touch with you.

We'll even come up with a custom plan based on your scores, be able to let you know how quickly you can see results and give you an estimate if you'd like our help further.

Either way, you get our expert advice complimentary so you can decide what works best for you.


Take Action Now

Why? Well first, your credit probably isn't going to go up on it's own.

But mainly because I limit these custom consults to 100 per month (that's all my staff can handle).

If we hit our monthly limit, you may have to wait a few days before we can schedule a time together.


Click the button below to get started...

and if you have questions, you can reach me at 1-888-262-2123.

Thanks for your time, I greatly appreciate and value your consideration.

I look forward to your call so we can help you get on the way to a hassle free life!

Your trusted credit expert,





PS: Check out some of my success stories below.

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