How to Choose a Credit Repair Service

Whenever you’re going to make a major purchase you should have a list of criteria that is important to you in advance, so you can find the product or service that best fills your needs.

When it comes to credit repair, here are some of the criteria that you should consider:

  • Speed.

Beware of any credit repair service that guarantees results in less than 30 days. By law, the credit bureaus are given 30 days to investigate and respond to your dispute.

At, we don’t get paid until we show you deletions, so we have a built in incentive to work fast.

  • Affordability

Some services offer pay as you go programs for as little as $39 a month. The queston you should ask yourself is this, “How fast will this company work to get me results if I’m paying them a monthly fee? If they finish quickly, then I’ll stop paying, so it’s in their interest to work slowly.”

At you pay as little as $35 for each item we delete. We are happy to set up a payment plan that works within your budget.

  • No Up-Front Fees

It is illegal for a credit repair service to charge for services before they’ve been rendered.

  • Guarantee

Make sure you can get your money back if the credit repair service doesn’t live up to their promise. Paying $39 a month for months on end is bad, but paying $39 a month without any results is even worse.

Our guarantee is simple. only charges for the items we’ve deleted.

If you don’t have another option that better fills your needs, then enroll with us today to get your credit repair started.

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Brian Diez

Brian Diez is a nationally recognized credit expert. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Dow Jones' Market Watch and