The Problem With Our Credit Repair Services

There’s a problem with our credit repair services. I’ll explain…

Just the other day I had a client email me that she was very upset and canceling services for both herself and her husband.

She was a referral from a loan officer. She wants to buy a house and has nothing but derogatory information on her credit report.

She had been working with Lexington Law for over a year, and while they had deleted some stuff, her loan officer was hoping I could make it happen faster.

Easy enough. That’s what we do best.

I thoroughly explained what we would do for the couple during our initial credit audit.

First we would audit the credit report for errors and remove anything the data-furnisher couldn’t prove was accurate. Then we would help her build her score back up using our “Advanced Modeling” process.

A month later she’s having a meltdown because her score went down.

For the record… this is normal. A credit score is based on whatever information is showing on a credit report.

If everything is negative, and we delete it, then there’s nothing left to score.

That’s why we build the score up in the second phase.

But it was too late. She didn’t experience a score drop with Lexington Law, so she felt safer with them.

She actually accused me of using illegal tactics, since the creditors refused to speak with her when she called them.

Yes, it’s true. The problem with HowtoFixMyCredit is we are too GOOD at deleting credit errors.

Darned if you do… darned if you don’t.

For the record, I have no problem with Lexington Law. They do exactly what they say they’ll do.

It just makes no sense to me to pay a company $99 a month with no end in sight. They have zero incentive to work quickly or you’ll stop paying.

On the other hand, I get you the results FIRST, then you pay for them.

For many, I think the appeal of working with Lexington Law is you only need to come up with $99 a month.

We also offer payment plans of $99 a month. The difference is you know how many payments you will have to make before you start.

Click here to schedule your free audit, but don’t complain when we erase everything:

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